Oh yes. I’m stressed again.

Shortly after midterm period (-31/10), I spent about a week to finish my 30% psychology paper, and I thought I’d have a break.

But no. Melody suddenly got injured(4/11, the day I should never forget), and she only have a friend who can speak Canto, and that’s me. She’s my friend, of course I have to obligation to help her whenever she needs. Yup. She need me to translate. I accompanied with her to the hospital with Jacq (I was scared from the bottom of my heart when I saw how her patella was dislocated, but I couldn’t show it out at all. My first time on the ambulance as well.). I waited in emergency room with her for ~2 hours, I sent her up to the Orthopedics ward. After 2 days, I accompanied her when she was discharged from public (bad) TKO hospital and transferred to private (good) Tsuen Wan Adventist Hospital. (FYI, I stay on campus, in Clearwater Bay, it approximately takes 35 min of drive by taxi/$150 taxi fare) Oh, and the day I helped her, I was supposed to attend 1500 Organic Chemistry, and when I accompanied her to Tsuen Wan, we arrived at around 1400, and her friend came to the hospital by MTR after class, and she arrived at 1500 (WTF?!) So I was late for class (I spend $150 for taxi back school too). No lecture video, just poor quality recordings. I simply was too exhausted mentally and physically. That Friday, I was too exhausted after class, but I still have to take care my cancer cells, I went for a nap after my quick dinner, cuz I just can’t open my eyes. So I was late for football training, and I got black face from my coach. Thanks.

Things seem to get a bit better when Mel’s parents came to HK to take care of her. At least I would feel better to leave her alone there. And my labmates decided to have some sports when boss is away, so they booked badminton court. Finally I played badminton again, not with my sis, but some others, for around 2 hours. (muscles got super tired afterwards, Julio is way too good.) That was Monday, and we played again on Friday (Oh my, we’ve gone crazy…)

So after midterms, I decided to pick up my lab work again, to finish everything. And failures came in again. NCCIT K.O. PARP just wouldn’t grow at all. And last week, I redid everything again, and somehow, my cells got contaminated AGAIN. (OMGGGGGG) Time to redo again. And I look at the calendar, I got about 2 weeks left before my finals. (Seriously?!?!?! where’s my break? How can I finish in 2 weeks?)

Another thing, my roommate lost her room card, but she didn’t want to pay first, just to bet her luck on sb would find it and return to the school. So whenever she came back, she’d rang the bell, which is super duper annoying. She came back late. One night she rang the bell at midnight 04:30!!!! On a Saturday morning, she rang at 07:30. This seriously interrupts my sleeping…I was kinda mad.

I joined the orchestra, and I have to play solo with the soloist (Wow, one of the first in life) I just got too frightened. Luckily with a few more practices I’m getting used to it. Hope it goes well this Saturday 🙂 Playing clarinet again, playing in Orchestra first time in my life, just makes me happy 😀

For the exchange thing, it was definitely bothering me. The courses I wanted to take I have to ask someone to remove the restrictions for me, and for plane tickets, my mom is definitely stressing me up. Not to talk about the visa, she has been pushing me, which is super annoying. So on 16th I went to Consulate General of US in HK by 0830, I woke at 0630. This obviously gave me bigger black eye-bags.

Oh, and my mom have been urging me to see Chinese doctor and Western doctor in these few weeks, which have been too repetitive, and made me mad.

And the ultimate stress is, only around 3 weeks is left, I have just finished watching lecture videos for Genetics, but I understand nothing for Organic Chemistry, Molecular Biology. And I have a Chinese paper with 2500-3500 words to turn in.

I have a performance this Saturday, I have USF on Sunday morning.

Can I still stand.

It’s time to turn on the engine and clear things up.



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