Just something I don’t understand

From class, I learnt that in Hong Kong there’s 1 out of 3 people has cancer, especially in the aged. Cancer occurs due to a number of important genes mutated, where mutations accumulate with age. A professor has said, humans naturally only live till around 60, but because of medical advancement, with all those vaccines, medicines, the average age of human is now around 80.

So now I wonder, why should human live over 60.

The retirement age of now is 65 in Hong Kong, but usually around 65, people still possess the ability to work. When they are forced to retire, they have nothing to do at home, they lost the aim of their lives. Thus some aged significantly, and soon died. Just a few do really enjoy life by doing what they like, enjoying time with family. Mostly they just get through days aimlessly, lifelessly.

People have been trying hard to extend the lifespan for whoever it is. Trying to make a seriously ill patient live with all the needles and machines attached on him/her, making her in pain for the rest of life. Or trying to make a lonely patient live his lonely life longer, which he/she doesn’t want. I understand it is the doctors’ role to save lives, no matter how, but somehow the mindset of society: try the best to live longer, always neglects the patients’ will of living, leading to the ‘waste of medical resources and money’. This is brutal, but I would say I’m just stating the fact.

Having been living with my grandpa for more than 10 years. He has never gained respect from my parents and my sister, never been respected by my uncle and aunt as a father, I tried my best to respect him, but he never treated me as one of his grandchildren. He is stubborn, always insist to do whatever he thinks is right, which isn’t. He messed up our home, break the knifes, wet the floor, the chairs, stuff the fridge with things we don’t eat, bring some live frogs, nearly burnt our home. To our family, we hold no love for him, he never cares us and treat us well, so most of the time we just hold grudge against him. Basically everyday he is being scolded, yelled at, just because he repeated his bad habit and messed our home again. And so I wonder, what is the point of him living. No one on this world loves him, my parents care him just because of filial piety, my uncle only sees him as an ATM, my aunt is seldom around.

The point of retirement, living longer, I presume is to allow the elderly to be respected, loved and cared by his/her children and grandchildren and enjoy the life they wanted. But what if they don’t? What if everyday is just a pain, just trying to reach death asap?

They would then just be a burden to both the family and the society, isn’t it?

It is lucky that my grandpa just has high blood pressure, but there are a lot of elderly who has diabetes, Alzheimer, cancer…All those incurable diseases. So?

When to be treated and when not?

Just something I don’t understand

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