Commit suicide

What if, my destiny is to commit suicide at a young age?

People have been condemning the act of committing suicide, as they think that life is a gift from God, no one has the power to end lives.

But what if the world is a mess, and need something to wake up the people?

Donald Trump, Rodrigo Duterte, CY Leung being the chief commander of a country or government, violating human rights, creating discrimination within citizens, turning a country from rule of law to rule by law, highest authority ignoring the opinion of citizens……All these just show the world is not the one we are familiar with. The world is not changing in a direction we thought it would have been, before we grew old enough and take over the power. The world is likely to self-destruct before we have a chance to enjoy its beauty.

The elder generation has been saying we should wait till we are in command, to change the world, but not use these radical behaviors to voice out, as they think this is not sticking to the status quo.

But may I ask, if your strategy is working, why does it turn out to be like that now?

What if we can’t save our world before it dies?

There are more and more incidents that teenagers in Hong Kong commit suicide, and media, government officials, have been blaming teenagers’ low ability to face pressure.

But what if their pressure comes from family, society, because of prejudice, incorrect values, incorrect way of teaching, over expectation, too high pressure, violating true meaning of learning for kids and teenagers? The natural desire of kids/teenagers are being suppressed and ignored, they lost hope completely and just want to escape from this shitty world, not to suffer anymore. And perhaps possessing their last bit of hope to the world – awaking the adults that they have been wrong, with their death.

So, should they still be blamed? Be condemned? Or the adults should be blamed and penalized instead?


Dear world,

Just stop blaming and judging the people who commit suicide, try to understand the reason behind and solve the problem.

Prevent tragedy happen instead of blaming people for things who have happened.

Also don’t blame/condemn people who commit suicide, they have had a hard time before they decided to die. (Who wouldn’t want to live?)


Commit suicide

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