About exchange

I know I don’t think like others do, I know I make myself a bit different from the crowd.

But I just don’t understand.

You probably only have once in your lifetime to be an undergraduate exchange student (unless you study for more than one undergraduate degree), but you probably have numerous chances to go around the world, to go different trips after you graduate and work.

Right now for most of the Hong Kong students, the money we spent are from our parents. Unlike in the States, the students here work a lot and pay their expenses. Hong Kong students do become tutorial teachers, but their income seldom can cover their expenses. Don’t even mention to pay their tuition fees.

So you go on exchange, but half of the time you are not on campus, but somewhere around in that continent.

Seriously, what is the purpose? What is the primary aim of exchange?

For me, my exchange is really to feel the difference in education and research in the States, enjoy the life in this city, but possibly for many people, they just want to make use of this chance and go on vacations.

I just don’t feel good when spending lots of my parents’ money. I don’t even dare to think of buying another plane ticket and go around the West Coast. After you graduate and you go on vacations, what you spend is your money, but not your parents’, wouldn’t this feel better? Do they feel guilty for all these spending during exchange? I don’t feel so.

They just never feel bad, and think that I’m the weird one.

In some sense I think they’re the weird one. Who goes out and play nonstop when they’re studying. You can do this when you’re having a holiday, but not skipping all classes and make the holiday yourself. Skipping 2-3 weeks classes, are you kidding me.

If you are not here to improve and make yourself a better person, why are you in University then?

Maybe I’ll never understand. But who cares.

About exchange

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